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As a teacher, I am committed to promoting equity, inclusion, and understanding in the field of Economics by ensuring that all students have the tools and support they need to succeed. I believe strongly in the empowerment of those from historically underrepresented backgrounds and demonstrate that belief in my accessible teaching style.

At University of California, Davis
(Bold is current position)

As Associate Instructor:

  • ECN 102, Analysis of Economic Data (Summer 2024)

As Teaching Assistant:

  • ECN 190, Making Better Decisions (Spring 2024)

  • ECN 102, Analysis of Economic Data (Winter 2024)

  • ECN 115BY, Economic Development (Fall 2023)

  • ECN 152, Economics of Education (Summer 2023)

  • ECN 111B, Economic History (Spring 2023)

  • ECN 115BY, Economic Development (Fall 2022)

  • ECN 102A, Analysis of Economic Data (Spring 2022)

  • ECN 101A, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Winter 2022)

  • ECN 101A, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Fall 2021)

At Vassar College

As Academic Intern (TA):

  • Econ 102, Introduction to Economics (Spring 2019)

  • Econ 102, Introduction to Economics (Fall 2018)

  • Econ 102, Introduction to Economics (Fall 2017) 

  • Psych 200, Statistics and Experimental Design (Spring 2017) 

Please see the attached file for the full qualitative and quantitative summary of my teaching evaluations while at UC Davis. Selected quotes are below.

“Remy, you are awesome! Thank you for bringing insight to my discussions every week. Thank you for being one of the best TAs around!" - Fall 2022
"Remy was great. Can tell they really care about making sure student understand and succeed, and I loved the one day that they taught the lecture. Just awesome." - Fall 2023
“By far the best TA that I’ve ever had at Davis. He responds promptly to emails, is happy to meet online or in person to help students, and never makes you feel stupid for not understanding. Without him, I’m sure that I’d do so much worse in the class."
- Winter 2024
"Remy was great TA. Discussions were planned out very well and always has lots of information for us. A good pace was always kept and was not something I ever minded going to. I learned something each week and I was always better off after discussion." - Spring 2022
“Remy did a good job with discussion section and was very willing to take our questions and clarify topics for us." - Spring 2023
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